I'm a writer and marketing strategist. I use the techniques of modern conversion copywriting mixed with the timeless principles of history's finest marketers.

In short, psychology and magic. Art and science.

Your words are in safe hands here.

I've written for Medium, The Huffington Post, TEDxSalford, and other publications, and my corporate clients include Informa, Digital Science, and Michelin. I also copyedited a range of sex toy product descriptions for a French adult ecommerce business, but let's not go into that.

I like to write about creativity: how and why to think more creatively, based on psychological and cultural research. I've a book on the way, and can't wait to tell you about it.

I'm interested in self-development, biomechanics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and philosophies of life. I go to weird events like the World Domination Summit, Sónar +D, and the Biohacker Summit. I'm always up for meeting interesting people.

Chroma Copy is my one-man agency, but you can call me a freelancer.

You have my gratitude for visiting. I look forward to working with you!


Chroma Copy

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Me, A Person

In my last year of school, I was voted ‘Most Interesting Person’ in the yearbook. I’ve tried to honour that and live a varied and uncommon life.

📚 Reading

You’ll mostly find me reading books on the big ideas: culture, history, economics, behavioural psychology, business.

I like understanding why we do what we do. Try Greene’s Laws of Human Nature, YNH’s Sapiens series, and The Ten Types of Human by Dexter Dias for a start.


  • Daniel Dennett and Farnam Street for mental models.
  • Brian Johnson for compassionate self-optimisation.
  • Why Information Grows & The Square and the Tower to understand networks.
  • Selfie, Behave, You Are Not A Gadget for figuring out the human condition in the neo-digital age.
  • How to Change Your Mind and Stealing Fire for new frontiers of perception.
  • Can’t Hurt Me for inspiration to be uncommon amongst uncommon people.

For news, I read the Financial Times, Economist, Monocle, Courier, Positive News, and Mundial.

✏️ Writing

Creativity. Close to being my life’s passion, it’s a shapeshifting concept, at once both deeply personal and coldly capitalistic. I like to find the middle ground between the two to help and inspire people make things.

There’s no such thing as creative people, only creative acts, and we’re all capable of them. A few thousand people on Medium seem to like the way I think about it, and I’ll be writing more about creativity in the near future.

🔊 Audiovisual

I’m a massive nerd for electronica, house, techno, ambient, cinematic, disco, funk, soul, classical, metal, hip-hop and all inbetween. I dance between Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube all day long (when I’m not on Audible). A headphone listener as much as a clubber.

I’ve been a gamer for a long time but the love is fading. The games industry is leaning more towards highly profitable addiction models in place of narrative excellence. We’ll see how that pans out. I believe VR, in theory, can offer elevated states of consciousness, but the economics of it might prevent it from becoming a big thing. Netflix is a bit of a waste of time but I loved Chef's Table, Annihilation, and Disenchantment.

One day I’d like to take some psychedelic mushrooms and head into a virtual reality alternascape. The shifting tides of legality make this a possibility. Join me.

💭 Thinking

Philosophically, I think life is a game with no guidebook. The only challenge is to make your own rules and stick to them. Mine? Compassionate success. Excellence over impulse. Gratitude for every minute of existence.

The scientific method and critical thinking are the closest to dogmatic thought I'll get - because they work. Although I do like the way quantum physics gets so weird it eventually becomes supernatural, spiritual metaphysics. Truth is unknowable; only perspective.

Politically, I’m not willing to commit. Individual freedom and autonomy are highly important to me, as is compassion and kindness towards my fellow Earthlings. Try ascribing those to a single political party these days.

🛫 Travelling

Travel-wise, I’ve been around a bit. Lived in Canada for almost a year. I’ve been to the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon four times, Sónar Barcelona the same amount. Next up - something smaller (Yestival, maybe) and something bigger (SXSW, maybe. Or Burning Man?!)

On my wish list - a boutique cannabis tour of Denver, Colorado; the tiny audiophile bars of Tokyo; Hawaii Volcano Helicopter Adventure, and much more. I've no time for Instagram travel, but exploring is vital for living maximally.

The innate soul and psychogeography of a place is what draws me. Now that AirBnb has flattened aesthetics around the world, we have to dig deeper to find the real secrets. The portals to other dimensions hidden in dank alleyways and quiet parks. The moments of sheer everything-is-at-peace-ness found at the back of a bar with some wonderful company.

🕺 Socialising

The rebels, weirdos and offbeat. The headstrong and confident. The ones that make their own fondue. They're the ones that get my attention.

I like meeting the doers, shakers, lovers and makers that make the world an interesting place. A better place.

People that challenge me, make me laugh, are confident in their masculinity and femininity, and know that offence is taken, not given. They're the ones.

Even better if I get to work with them.

🌮 Eating

Fine dining, coffee with MCT Oil and the occasional nootropic.

My next goal is the tasting menu at Mana, Manchester. 14 courses of regional, seasonal fare, for £105. I am willing to work overtime to make this happen.