Happy New Year

I’m still here, I just don’t advertise much

You might be wondering why a content marketer doesn’t seem to do much content marketing.

It’s true; the Chroma Copy blog hasn’t been updated in a little while.

The reason is that it’s just not necessary. I’ve found that marketing through other channels just works better for my business. As far as ROI is concerned, my most powerful marketing strategy is through relationships, rather than advertising.

Those relationships are built through doing high-quality work. Being able to tackle really weighty topics is my jam, like artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, modern workplace culture, health, medicine, wellness and psychology.

You can’t phone it in with topics like these. So my commitment to delivering the highest quality commercial writing – as cheesy as that sounds – pays off. And I know that a good chunk of the competition just can’t do the same.

My profile on ProCopywriters is a fantastic lead qualifier, too. I get fewer than one enquiry per month through them, but almost every single one becomes a paying client. And I’m picky about who to work with. I deliberately keep it brief on the portal to entice traffic to the Chroma Copy website, where visitors discover my areas of expertise and whether or not their budget is appropriate.

After filtering out the tyre-kickers, a small proportion are then moved to send a query through the contact form.

Plans for 2020

2019 was amazing. I became a qualified Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM). I also taught at the University of Westminster as part of The Freelancer Club.

The business grew from a fairly bare bones operation to one with a fully-packed schedule of writing, marketing, consultancy and speaking. I certainly learnt the importance of setting limits towards the end of the year, too.

2020 will be even better. The company will evolve and I’ll likely bring in some more creative souls to increase our output.

I’ve already worked with a few freelancers, subcontracting out some writing tasks. It’s not particularly easy; sometimes I end up editing their work to the point where it’s not cost-effective to outsource in the first place. Teaching people how to write excellent copy is hard. So the search continues for long-term partners who can really nail the aims of a creative brief without much hand-holding from me.

Copywriting and strategic marketing consultancy is still the bones of what Chroma Copy does.

The intersection of writing, marketing, business and technology is a fascinating place to be. If you need content, copy or comms that oils the wheels of commerce – whatever your industry – get in touch.