What I’m working on

In July 2019 I am:

  • Looking for an apartment in Manchester
  • Reflecting on my visit to the World Domination Summit
  • Refreshing my processes, contracts, rates and services
  • Lecturing at the University of Westminster to a group of new freelancers on ‘How to Find Work, Retain and Manage Clients’
  • Blogging for Timetastic
  • Working with a food & drink branding agency on the following accounts:
    • Coffee roastery
    • Craft ale brewer
    • Artisan burger chefs
  • Writing on Medium about creativity and life philosophy
  • Working in Colony coworking hub

What I’m reading


  • Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins
  • Company of One – Paul Jarvis
  • The Ten Types of Human – Dexter Dias QC