Here's where your money is made.

Right now, your copy tells readers what you do, but doesn’t sell it.

Chroma Copy brings the colour, the glitz and the glamour, the sensory appeal that closes the deal. Proven copy techniques that jazz up your sales pages, landing pages, product descriptions, website copy, newsletters, email drip campaigns, and more.

If your readers are reading but not believing, hire me to spruce up your marketing copy to get:

  • Increased sales.
  • More email signups.
  • An avalanche of link clicks.
  • Overflowing shopping baskets.
  • Conversion funnels ridden all the way to their glorious end.
  • Glowing skin, heightened sex appeal and the ability to see round corners (maybe).

Please help me fluff up my copyI want more clicks

Article Writing

Blogs, content marketing, articles.

Do you have a company blog that nobody reads apart from the CEO?

Did you hire a writer from a content mill for $10 per thousand words? And they can barely string a sentence together, let alone a conversion funnel?

Chroma Copy writes articles for the now. The now now, if you will. It's not 2003 anymore, and you can't just throw out keyword-stuffed listicles and hope they magically teleport to the first page of Google search results.

We're talking long-form, precisely researched articles that are designed for engagement.

With impeccable grammar and a musical ear for the rhythm of a sentence, you'll be publishing articles that readers actually read.

And you know what they say about SEO blogging these days - with great engagement comes great traffic.

Want to rock your rankings and give readers what they need? Hire me to write these sorts of things, and more:

  • Company blogs
  • Ghostwriting
  • Opinion pieces
  • Product deep-dives
  • Explainers and how-to's
  • Lists (if you're into that kinda thing)
  • White papers
Please write outstanding blogs for meI am busy doing Important Business Things

Social Media

Not just your grandma's Facebook anymore.

Need your socials covered but don't want to hand the passwords over to your trigger-happy intern?

Here's where you need a two-pronged attack.

First, we do the research. We drill down into your target audience (metaphorically) using bleeding-edge listening and research tools, giving you the best idea of who'll be reading, sharing and clicking on your posts.

Then we hit'em with the tastiest, most delicious content their feed has ever seen, causing swarms of clicks like wasps at a picnic. Not only that, but it all comes written in your company voice.

Chroma Copy can help you launch co-ordinated, targeted social campaigns on Medium, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. (Wanna grow your YouTube following too? Let's talk.)

What you get from our sparkling social posts:

  • Laser-focused copy that's a magnet for curious eyes.
  • Your company voice, amplified, smooth as butter, caramel-rich.
  • Platform-ideal posts however and whenever you want them.
  • Reporting, scheduling and analysis, using all the right metrics.
  • Concise specifically designed to drive conversions.
  • Design & branding consultation - consistency is how we win this battle.
Craft dazzling content for my businessMake me viral but not in a bad way.

Marketing Strategy

Big-picture planning.

Have a humdinger of a product, but don't know where to start marketing it?

Chroma Copy helps you start at the beginning, working with you to craft a meticulously researched, smartly structured, ridiculously helpful marketing plan.

Whether it's content strategy or offline advertising, or PR & communications work, we'll start from before the beginning and end up with a bulletproof plan you can start implementing immediately.

Get in touch now and we can start writing your plan for world domination:

  • Crystal-clear definition of your company values and goals.
  • A content strategy document covering all the right media channels.
  • Competitor analysis and research to define your market positioning.
  • Opportunities for growth - what scales and what doesn't.
  • Measurements and metrics that actually make sense.
  • Goals you can confidently score.
I need help with the big stuffLet's make plans